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roseleaf chose these items from my list of interests. I will happily choose from your list for things for you to talk about, if you let me know in the comments you want me to.

Like roseleaf, a lot of my interests are from years ago. I was, at one point, very into beaded jewelry. I loved making things both for myself and for friends. I've been away from this for a long time, well before my office got torn apart. When I lived at my townhouse, I had a table set up in the family room so I could do it while I watched tv. Since moving in with Brian, I've shifted 90% of my crafting to crocheting, since it's easiest to do when in a position that doesn't hurt my back. A lot of crafts I moved away from because I couldn't deal with the sitting and bending over, like scrapbooking and sewing on sewing machine. Maybe now that office is returning to order and my back is doing a lot better, thanks to a chiropractor, I can get back to that. I still have all my beads, and since Wyrmling loves playing with some larger wooden ones my mom got her, I think it's a hobby we might start doing together in a couple years.

Brian Froud
He's an artist mainly known for painting fairies and goblins, but he's also the visual concept designer (I guess that's the right term) for "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth." Dark Crystal is my favorite movie, so, when doing research on the movie and buying up every book related to it, I found out about him. He's done some really amazing stuff, like the Pressed Fairy book. I was lucky enough to meet both him and his wife Wendy (who also worked on the movies) a few years ago at a conference. I attended a mask-making workshop with them and the mask bases we used were cast from their son, who played the baby in Labyrinth. So I actually have a mask of the baby from Labyrinth (grown up) in my house.

It probably comes as a shock to people who know me now (ie, with a luxury cabin), but I used to really, really love camping. I didn't do nearly as much as I'd like, because of timing and finding people to go with, but the times I've gone camping in college were some of the best. I was always disappointed in girl scouts that we almost never slept in tents. I got away from it in my late 20s both because of my back (hm, I'm seeing a theme here! I should have gone to a chiro years ago!) and having a greyhound, which isn't a dog you can take camping and I hated to board her while I went off and had fun in the woods. Which is odd, because that's about the time I started dating Brian and he was REALLY into camping, but to this date, we've only gone on a couple camping trips together. Stlll have all our gear, though, and when Wyrmling gets older we'll definitely be doing some!

The Cloisters in NYC are home to the Unicorn Tapestries. I visited mja700 when she lived in NYC a few years ago and we went there because I'd been working on a book inspired by the tapestries for years. It was amazing! Unicorns have always been an interest of mine (I'm currently re-reading "The Last Unicorn" now that I finally have an ecopy!!!) and seeing those in person was wonderful. There's a big unicorn exhibit in NYC now that I really need to find a way to visit.

Hallowmere is a series by tltrent. At the time I added that to my interests, her books were just starting to come out, right around the same time that Bronze Dragon Codex was published by the same publisher. We became LJ friends and, oddly, I first met kathleenfoucart on her LJ, rather than at Hollins, where we both were graduate students! We've stayed in touch online over the years and met up a few times. The books are wonderful: dark fairies in Civil War era Virginia. Pity it was canceled, but she's written some other great stuff since then!

I am completely obsessed with seahorses. If I had to pick a spirit animal, it would be a seahorse. I think it actually started from two seahorse decorations on the outside of a house that was very near my aunt's when I was growing up. I ALWAYS had to see that house when we drove by. As I grew up, I was always interested in them. I probably would have wanted to get some to keep in an aquarium, but I was never able to keep a goldfish alive and I knew I'd be heartbroken if they died. The Baltimore Aquarium had an exhibit of seahorses a few years ago and Brian practically had to drag me out of there. Perhaps it's because they're like miniatures seadragons. This actually brings me back to roseleaf because the only downside to our wonderful visit to the Baltimore Aquarium last spring was the lack of seahorses. I know when I was there before it was an exhibit, but seriously? ONE TANK OF THOSE AMAZING CRITTERS AND THAT'S IT?????



Bronze Dragon Codex is a


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