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Good heavens! A post!

This blog has really been neglected lately. I won't make any promise about writing more often, because with the Wyrmling and a full-time job, all bets are off. But I had a particularly wonderful weekend that I wanted to write about.

Back in September we fulfilled a lifelong dream of both the hubby's and mine and purchased land and a cabin in West Virginia. We've gone up a handful of times and hope to go up at least once a month now that the weather's getting nice. We've brought almost everything from the house that we've been saving for the cabin (like I said, this has been a lifelong dream, and since both hubby and I had full households when we married, we had a lot of furniture and household items to take up). We were down to two large pieces: an entertainment center that I'd had in my old townhouse that I particularly liked and a changing table that hubby built years ago for his nephew, who's now 19, and was given back to us when we had Wyrmling. Both of these pieces are pretty large and pretty solid. We found some suckers recruited some wonderful people to help us move them. Here's where wackiness ensues.

Getting them into our truck wasn't too bad. Our wonderful neighbor came over and he and hubby managed to cram them into the truck. We did that Thursday night, then left here Friday evening after hubby got back from work to drive to WV. We're still trying to figure out a good time to drive with Wyrmling. During afternoon nap time? Close to bed time? Doesn't seem to matter, as she sleeps horribly anyway. But at least we're getting used to that.

Now. We still have no phone at the cabin, even though hubby first contacted the phone company back in October. Now, hubby's background is network engineering which has, over the years, meant he's run a lot of phone cable. A lot. So when I say this job would take about a day tops, I am getting that from a good authority. So, we went to the cabin one weekend and the phone line had been run to the property, but was coiled on a pole. Next time we went, the coil was gone and it was in a box, but it wasn't run to the house. This past weekend, we realized that it had finally been run to the house. We'd had no phone calls and no messages with updates, just saw that it was run to the house on Saturday morning. This meant hubby could now wire the house for phone and we could make calls without running up the hill from the cabin to get a good cell signal (not bad when the weather's nice, but sucky in December).

Peachy! However, my cousins had agreed to move the furniture Saturday morning. Another cousin knew the phone guy and was told that we had service. So, my entire family heard at Saturday breakfast (which we can't make because of Wyrmling's insane sleeping) that we had a phone. So I had two cousins, my aunt, and my mom all trying to reach hubby and me. At one point we managed to get a message that they were on their way over, so we decided to just drive down the mountain and hopefully meet them. This is not as odd as it sounds when you know that my husband has a very big, very red truck that can be spotted miles away. As candice_ransom once said, all the red in the world is in that truck.

So we drive down the mountain. When we get to the bottom our emails download to our phones. We both have one saying "We're at the gate." What? We just drove by the gate (note, the gate is locked, so people can't just drive up. That is one of the very few things I don't like about the property; I'd love for people to drop by)! There's no place to miss anyone! Further emails with my mom reveal that they're at a property they own by the river. We finally meet them and they follow us to the cabin.

Then we get to the cabin. There are my two cousins, my one cousin's two daughters, age 5 and 3, our dog, and my cousin's dog. CHAOS! Although I now understand why roseleaf says that more kids are less work than one, because they entertain each other. I watched the kids play (I do so love that Wyrmling has so many cousins close in age and geography!) while hubby and my cousins move the furniture. Both pieces had to go upstairs, of course. It was much amusing, but they eventually got them up there!

Now, back up a bit to Friday evening. We're driving to the cabin and I'm checking Facebook on my phone. I see a post from roseleaf that her husband chaz_lehmann had Saturday off. They are actually slightly closer to the cabin than our house, so I ask her if they want to come for a visit. Much to our delight, she and chaz leapt at the invitation and agreed to meet us in town Saturday at noon! We did just that (fortunately they did not need to get in touch with us so the lack of phone was not an issue) and we had a wonderful day relaxing at the cabin, taking a short hike, and eating at a wonderful restaurant close to the cabin. Although I've been visiting the area my entire life, I've never eaten there, and we were all pleasantly surprised. It was, bar none, the best dining experience we'd had with kids. Two high chairs were available, the waitress asked if we wanted the kids' food brought out before ours, did we need extra spoons, etc, etc. The food was awesome too, and I can't wait to go back!

All in all, Saturday was an amazing day filled with friends and family. The rest of the weekend we did work around the cabin and tried to figure out how to repel an unwanted guest. There's at least one mouse running around the cabin and we're trying to figure out a way to deal with it that doesn't involve poison (because of Wyrmling and Lucy) or trapping a dead mouse in a place we only visit every month. Hmmmm....


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Mar. 15th, 2012 03:19 am (UTC)
Yay for a good weekend! So glad we got to be a part of it. :-)
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